30 years of experience in olive oil quality & evaluation
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Welcome to the olive oil organoleptic evaluation lab of A.C. Rethymno

Our laboratory, with modern facilities, experienced group of tasters and being ISO17025 certified by E.SY.D./nr.1117, continuously supports the olive oil sector.

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Quality & Olive Oil Organoleptic Evaluation

The organoleptic evaluation of olive oil, is the method for detect, measure and describe the positive and negative characteristics in virgin olive oil by using the human senses and the classification in one of the following categories, according to the existing legislation “Extra Virgin”, “Virgin”, “Lampante”

Cretan olive oil Competition (CretanOOC)

Since 2015, the Region of Crete in cooperation with our lab is organizing the Cretan olive oil competition by applying Marios Solinas rules.

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